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The Brew Club is a Cardano project that aims to deliver creative ways of providing value to delegators of BREW through captivating and immersive Web3 storytelling.

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The Brew Club

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Simply stake your ADA cryptocurrency to the BREW pool, and instantly gain access to content, perks, and a passive subscription that decentralizes Cardano!

A Creative
Cardano Stake Pool

Choosing a stake pool on the Cardano network is often a confusing and complex task. With thousands of stake pools to choose from, many delegators don't know where to start.

In short, each pool will give you a yield on your existing ADA. That yield will change depending on how much ADA the pool represents and its fee settings. On average, however, a fully saturated stake pool will yield ~3.5% APY on your ADA, increasing your yearly holdings just by keeping it staked!

The Brew Club attempts to combine creative products with the benefits of having a staked wallet for diversified benefits. Delegators to BREW will get a normal yield on their ADA as is distributed by the protocol, yet will also receive exclusive access to our premium content and perks for Cardano enthusiasts and developers.

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What is The Brew Club?

The Brew Club is a side-project by Calvin Koepke, and serves as a creative outlet for exploring how Web3 on Cardano can be enhanced through stake pool and NFT authentication.

When not working on The Brew Club, Calvin works on other notable Cardano protocols such as ADA Handle and SundaeSwap.